Royal Lahaina Luau Review

January 15, 2024

Food Review: Myths of Maui Luau

Royal Lahaina Resort

Ive never been a big fan of luau buffets. But I recently had the chance to attend the Royal Lahaina Luau, and I was pleasantly surprised by the food!  

Royal Lahaina Luau Review Buffet


A Royal Buffet

I went to this luau years ago, and I remember the buffet being huge and – if we’re being honest – average. It seems like the Royal Lahaina Luau slightly scaled back its buffet, and the food has gotten a lot better.

Royal Lahaina Luau Review Dinner

Royal Lahaina is one of the few Maui luaus still offering a buffet. If you prefer buffets rather than table service, bookmark this Maui luau for your next trip.



Appetizers are mostly cold with a blend of traditional dishes and contemporary local favorites. The lineup includes a salad with local greens, lomi lomi salmon, Hawaiian sweet rolls, fresh poi, sweet and savory cucumber namasu, and Maui Gold pineapple.

Royal Lahaina Luau Review Appetizers


The Main Course

Mains include a spread of luau favorites: stir-fried veggies, Moloka’i sweet potatoes with coconut, huli huli teriyaki chicken, imu roasted kalua pork, fresh catch, and furikake white rice. Everything was tasty and fresh! My favorites were the huli huli chicken and the fish. We were served mahi mahi seasoned with soy sauce.

Royal Lahaina Luau Review Food


Don’t Forget About Dessert

And we can’t forget about the dessert. There were two types of cake (coconut and chocolate lava cake), plus my favorite dessert of all time: haupia. Haupia is a traditional coconut pudding.

Royal Lahaina Luau Review Haupia

While the food has definitely gotten better and choices more refined, it’s not five-star restaurant food – but I expected that, and you should too. Unless you’re really picky, you’ll be totally happy with what’s on offer.

A word on dietary restrictions: there are plenty of options for gluten-free and vegetarian eaters. If you are vegan, you’ll be restricted to cold appetizers and sweet potatoes, so keep that in mind.


best Maui luaus


A Buffet Just For Kids

One thing this luau really has going for them is the kids’ buffet. This is a huge draw for families with young children or picky eaters. The Royal Lahaina Luau has pans of chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese set out for kids. I’ve seen other luaus bring out plated kid-friendly items, but only upon request and usually only if it was pre-arranged. The kids’ buffet means parents of picky eaters can rest easy. And if you’re lucky, maybe you can get your keiki to try something more adventurous.

Royal Lahaina Luau Review Sights


The Beverage Selection

Another thing that draws me to the Royal Lahaina Luau is the selection of drinks. While some luaus only have about 3-4 cocktails on offer, the Royal Lahaina Luau has a whopping 11. It’s an open bar, so you can try as many as you want (although I certainly hope you don’t try to drink 11 cocktails!). Beer and wine are also available.

The cocktails aren’t what I’d consider “craft,” but they’re tasty nonetheless. You can’t go wrong with a classic Mai Tai. I also had Aunty Welo’s Mango Tangolicious – which I chose purely because of the name. It came with gin, orange juice, mango, and club soda.

Royal Lahaina Luau Review Cocktails


Final Thoughts

Overall, I was happy with dinner and drinks. And, of course, the entertainment is stellar. It always has been. The Royal Lahaina Luau is the oldest luau on Maui, and they know how to put on a show. The fire dance finale is spectacular. And now that the food is more refined, I think this luau is one of the better options in West Maui – especially for families.

Royal Lahaina Luau Review Experience

I recommend this luau to families staying in West Maui or those with picky eaters. I’d also recommend Royal Lahaina Luau to those on a tight schedule. This luau is held seven days a week vs only 2-3 days a week. Go with an open mind and just have fun. Enjoy!

Myths of Maui Luau
Royal Lahaina Resort
2780 Kekaa Drive
Lahaina, HI 96761

Royal Lahaina Luau Review Fire

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